Minigame on Social Media



Minigame on Social Media

1. Time:
- From May 13 to May 19 (1 week since the date of sending the campaign launch email)

2. Rule:
- Customers will post on their personal page a status including photos taken with products purchased from Owlsmatrix and sharing a positive buying experience from Owlsmatrix.
- Reply to this mail or leave a live chat message to our support team to receive the confirmation about your participating in this minigame. Our support team will contact to you for your present.

3. Reward:
Any post will receive a 10% discount code when they post a status related to Owlsmatrix.

The players win this minigame with the following bonus points:

- 200 points: Get FREE 1 item (products under $30)

- 100 points: Get 50% OFF everything for any product in the store.